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Foreign students


Library card

You must have a library card to borrow materials.

Students can use their student card as a library card.

Library card is non-transerable and can be used only by the person named on the card.

Library card No.: 0900xxxxxx - number of your student card



Before you order online you must hold registered account.

You must fill in form1 and send it off. Then you must activate account (wait at least half an hour after submitting the form).

You can do it at the Library of Faculty of Social Sciences or at the University Library.

Necessary documents: student’s card, identity document, obligation card.

Once you have activated account you can use both University Library and Library of the Faculty of Social Sciences.



A large part of our collection is kept in closed stack. These must be ordered. Students may borrow up to 7 books at a time from the Library of Faculty of Social Sciences and 10 books from University Library.

To order books: find the book via online catalog, check the loan status (status available) click the word “zamówienie”. Fill in any additional comments (your username: 20900xxxxxx - number of your student card), next password (pesel).

You might have to wait up to 30 minutes for the order to arrive.

The loan period is 3 months.



You can renew your books. You have to come to the library (to the lending room) before the deadline for a return.



Journals are situated in closed stack and not out on loan. You can order journals via online catalog (ordering journals use the number 30900xxxxxx – number of your student card) and use it at the reading room.


Close account

When you register two accounts are created automatically. If you want to close your account you must remember to close each, the account at the Library of Social Sciences and the account at the University Library.


Reading room

Books are situated in the open stack and not out on loan, must be picked up at the shelf by yourself.

In order to find where a book is located, you need to find its shelfmark (sygnatura miejsca) in an online catalog.

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